Women are one of the groups that can benefit from a Muscle Strength Program.
Why? Because their Testosterone levels are 10 times lower than those of men and it is more difficult to gain strength and muscle mass, having more chances to lose strength, gain more fat and decrease motor function and quality of life as you get older.

Women need more elements than men with strong muscles in order to protect their joints and keep their metabolism as high as possible, as they will have lower levels of strength and lean muscle mass as compared to a man of the same size and weight.

But the way in which exercise has been promoted among women, leading men to weight training and women to “aerobic training” or to group classes, together with an uncomfortable environment in the weight training area that makes many girls and women stay away from that area. This fact has neglected the most productive training for women, which is no other than STRENGTH TRAINING.

If you are a woman you should not be afraid to intensely train your muscles thinking that they will grow like competitive bodybuilders. These are urban myths.

The strength training area of ​​SLOW TRAINING is a modern space that deals with training in a very different way than what is normally seen in the fitness rooms, creating much more pleasant, professional and distinct spaces as compared the usual gyms. In addition, we have a specific machine to strengthen the pelvic floor through a force sensor and a screen that controls the progress in the strength of the pelvic floor muscles.

The training programs at SLOW TRAINING are designed to tone the buttocks, core, thighs, arms, pectorals and back. They are intense, safe and efficient. When they are combined with adequate nutrition, they make the women muscles gain the desired muscle tone, increasing metabolism significantly and improving mobility. In many cases, women will even see their cellulite improve more clearly than ever.

As a woman, if you really want to see changes in your body, there are no secrets; Train your muscles intensely in a safe and regular way, watch your diet and the right amount hours of sleep and you will see changes that you would never have imagined.



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