Our training rooms are designed to offer an ideal environment for perfect Training.

Privacy: Our facilities respect privacy, without crowds. Everything is designed so that you can get the most out of your training.
No distractions: No mirrors, no music, no phones ringing, no children, no flashy colors...
Continuous supervision by your personal trainer: Your personal trainer will monitor every aspect of your training; he/she will never leave you to answer a telephone call or talk to visitors.
The best equipment: We use MedX, Nautilus and robotic technology NEXA with motorized equipment ARX (USA). All our equipment is specially designed to work with the “SLOWFIT” protocol that allows optimal stimulation of muscles throughout the movements.
Temperature and Humidity Control: The temperature in the training area is maintained at 20º C. Scientifically it has been proven that 18-20º C is an ideal temperature for high intensity strength work. Your time and your effort is valuable and we do not want you to lose it by training with any other form of exercise that is inefficient or non-productive.

We do not train our clients frequently; just 1-2 sessions a week. And we do not do it “just for the sake of it”, but rather, because it is the key requirement in order to obtain the best results. In SLOWFIT we want our clients to pay for results not for the time spent in the gym.


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