The vast majority of people who start a training program fail and leave, so that this does not happen in Slowfit we rely on 4 pillars:

  • You will only need 1 or 2 sessions of 30 minutes per week thanks to an effective methodology, scientifically endorsed and with more than 40 years of experience.
  • You will have a Personal Trainer to stimulate your muscles without risk of injury.
  • You can monitor each exercise and evaluate your progress tangibly with the My SLOWFIT® software.
  • Learn to train with the SLOWFIT® LEARNING: a unique system that includes an initial method learning plan, personal training sessions, training classes and personalized training planning sessions.

The SLOWFIT® process consists of 4  phases that are repeated in 6 month cycles:


Slowfit Chart

Programming of the computerized training chart and adapted to the needs and objectives of each client.


Slowfit Discovery

Teaching methodology with Personal Trainer and nutritional advice.


Slowfit Challenge

Progression in Strength adapted to each person thanks to our latest generation methodology and software


Slowfit Goals

Evaluation and personalized update of the Training programs.

With the SLOWFIT® method we can assure you that if you are constant for 3-4 months, you will experience an improvement in your Strength and Physical Condition as you would have never imagined before.

A new way of understanding the exercise is possible, for this reason we want to make it easy for you:

reserva Test yourself 1 month without a commitment to stay with our Slowfit® Discovery Plan and feel the first changes in your body.

realiza Always do the first 10 sessions with your Personal Trainer to teach you how to train, feel your muscles and catch the habit.

limites We limit the number of customers to maintain privacy, exclusivity and avoid overcrowding.

control Monitor each exercise you do, receive an email with the results of your Training and visualize the graphs of your monthly progress thanks to the Slowfit® Training software.

sesiones formativasActivity tracking Challenges througt App Fittoken Move with PRIZES for complete the chsllenges (steps, floors,...)

sesiones planificación Semester training planning sessions with Personal Trainer.

asesoramientoFree measurement of BODY COMPOSITION through Biody Bioimpedance integrated with the SLOWFIT software.

horarios Extensive opening hours. Consult in your SLOWFIT Center.

asistencia Training towel and shower service included.

recibe Receive our free Ebook and Slowfit backpack for free.

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