muscle strength FOR ATHLETES

Strong muscles guarantee a better performance and a lower risk of injury. An adequate strength-training program helps to strengthen the muscles required in each sport and to eliminate muscle imbalances that limit the performance

It is easy to see that many athletes, despite looking strong, hold positions and muscles working well below their potential. This fact normally creates imbalances that are usually the cause of a decrease in performance and an increased risk of injury. In addition, the practice of certain sports tends to cause a mismatch between the rigidity of the tendon and the ability to generate muscle tension, often placing muscles in a vulnerable situation.

The SLOW TRAINING methodology is designed to get the most out of sports activity, while reducing the risk of injury. Our programs offer:

  • Exercises adapted to the needs of each person and sport.
  • Genetic and Nutrigenomics analysis to know the type of muscle fibers, muscle damage, balance-destruction-regeneration, hydration strategy, injury, use of macronutrients, inflammation...
  • Adaptating of load, volume and frequency of training to individual genetic differences.
  • Weekly sessions controlled and supported by your personal trainer.
  • Regular evaluation of body composition and measurement of muscle imbalances in isokinetic machines.
  • Clinical muscle strength work focusing on the weaker muscles.
  • Adaptating of nutritional strategies to improve adequate tendon rigidity and improve muscle to tendon balance.

If you want to enjoy your sport in SLOWFIT we can help you.



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