Exercise for Senior PEOPLE

Strength training for healthy aging that not only increases LIFE, but also increases HEALTH AND QUALITY OF LIFE in older adults will be a key factor in the coming years.

The deterioration in daily function and quality of life that is observed in today’s society among many elderly people is, unfortunately, common, although we know that it should not be considered as normal in our species.

One of the problems currently observed in our elderly people is the loss of muscle mass, (sarcopenia), with the consequent loss of motor function, mobility, falls, bone fractures...

Maintaining muscle strength should be essential for all people, as we get older. For this reason, this epidemic of muscular atrophy and pathologies associated with a sedentary lifestyle could be avoided.

Luckily, our muscle structure is one of the body tissues with more adaptive capacity, and although it is hard to believe for many, scientific studies have shown that there is NO AGE LIMIT when improving new muscle synthesis and strength gains.

This is the reason why SLOW TRAINING is the recommended exercise modality for older people, since it allows stimulating the muscles in a safe way, without joint impacts and without the risk of injury.

In addition, SLOW TRAINING treats exercise as a medicine, controlling the dose and frequency of training to ensure that each person receives the appropriate stimulus.

All people regardless of their age can start a strength training program that can even double and triple their muscle function and that together with a proper diet can slow down the aging process to expand not only life but the quality of it.

Living a full life without pain and with maximum functionality is in your hands and it will not take you more than two 30 minutes sessions a week.



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