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Lucas Leal

“My name is Lucas Leal. I opened my first gym in 1996. I had just graduated in Physical Activity Sciences and my dream was to eat the world.
As expected, that did not happen, rather the world of Fitness ate me. I made many mistakes, but the most important was to let myself be influenced by fashion and not understand the importance of strength training. I kept the classes aimed (aerobics, dances, step ...), I increased the cardio area with expensive machines, I put on weight training machines without having any idea which were the best ones to get results, nor which training protocol was more optimal, no I hired or trained the right team ...

They told me that a GYM was a social place, and that people come to pass the time, meet other people, flirt, get caught ... that is, a "bar in the 21st century". That frustrated me, I wanted to change the health of my clients, but I didn't know how.
Naturally, when the great Gym Chains arrived, what I had deserved happened to me. In 2005 I closed the gym... but I opened one of the first Personal Training studies in Barcelona. This allowed me to reinvent myself and focus on learning more, performing personalized training and traveling to the USA to find the best methodologies and Fitness specialists in the world.
In 2012, I moved to a larger place with better machinery and multiplied the personalized training sessions. More than 20 years later, in 2017, with thousands of sessions behind me and having trained hundreds of coaches through the Resistance Institute, I surrounded myself with a great team of people to be able to create a new Training concept that helps people to improve his life ... but this time he would do it without complexes and with an innovative proposal in Spain and with a rigorous scientific support so that, people of any age and physical condition, improve their Strength efficiently and without risk of injury.
This is why, just entering through the SLOWFIT door, you will feel that you are in a completely DIFFERENT training space. Everything is designed to enhance your PHYSICAL CONDITION in a HEALTHY way. But this time doing what we consider best for you without FOLLOWING FASHIONS. We do not intend to please everyone, we are not a social center, or bodybuilding, or postureo ... Our MISSION is to make anyone learn to train and strengthen their muscles regardless of their aesthetics and current state.

We do not follow fashion, because FORCE training is NOT A FASHION, it is a NEED


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