Therapeutic exercise

Strength training is key both to avoid injuries and to help during the recovery phase. For this reason, our medical and therapeutic exercise team will help you in the recovery of your injury or surgical intervention through a progressive and computer controlled exercise program. We will deploy the appropriate strategy in each case in coordination with our rehabilitation doctor and our physiotherapist and osteopath to integrate it all with our specialized team of personal trainers. The muscle strength programs at SLOW TRAINING are designed so that muscles return to their optimal strength levels and the ligaments and tendons can regenerate optimally.

We can help you in the recovery of many pathologies such as:

  • Muscle strengthening and regenerative treatment of knee tendinitis.
  • Muscle strengthening and regenerative treatment of Achilles tendinitis.
  • Muscle strengthening and regenerative treatment of shoulder tendonitis (rotator cuff, brachial biceps... )
  • Post surgical strengthening and muscle re-adaptation in hip and knee replacement surgery.
  • Therapeutic exercise for low back pain.
  • Therapeutic exercise for cervical pain.
  • Strengthening and muscular power increase in rehabilitation of crusciate knee ligament and collateral ligament operations.
  • Clinical exercise after knee meniscus, shoulder and hip joint surgeries...
  • Clinical exercise for shoulder dislocations / subluxations.
  • Muscle strengthening to help oncological diseases.
  • Training and nutrition programs for the treatment of overweight and obesity.
  • Training and Nutrition Programs for metabolic diseases (type II diabetes, hypertension)
  • Exercise programs and medical monitoring for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Muscle strength work to stop osteopenia and osteoporosis.



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