The Personal Training sessions are EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE and especially SAFE and are directed by Lucas Leal, one of the most prestigious biomechanics and personal and strength trainers in this country.

The SLOWFIT method is based on high intensity strength training, (HIST) and has a broad scientific support of more than 30 years and thousands of successful training sessions. We rely on strength training protocols used by world-renowned US Physicians and Exercise Experts such as Dr. Doug McGuff.

Slowfit determines that proper exercise creates a stimulus that causes positive adaptive changes in the body. There are five key variables that our personal trainers use to produce the best results for our clients:

  1. High Intensity:

    In order to stimulate your body and achieve an adaptive change, the intensity of your exercise must exceed a certain level in order to obtain a body response. Training with high intensity until muscle failure sends an alarm to our body so that both the muscles and the metabolic system respond improving our strength, posture and endurance (comprehensive physical training).

  2. Slow Speed:
    The speed of execution of the exercises is especially slow and controlled, which eliminates acceleration and momentum, keeping the muscles under tension continuously, fatigued in less time and with maximum safety for joints, ligaments and tendons.
  3. Short Trainings:

    The vast majority of our workouts last 30 minutes on average. We aim for the minimum amount of exercise to produce an adaptive stimulus. Anything beyond that only serves to waste precious resources for the body.

  4. Unusual trainings, once or twice a week:

    Reaching the necessary stimulus threshold consumes a large amount of resources in your body and subsequent adaptive changes are metabolically expensive. Recovering and adapting requires time. Returning to training too soon will interrupt this recovery process. During the first month it is possible to train twice a week, but soon after that many of our clients have enough with once a week.

  5. Precise Computer Controlled Records:

    Our computerized system is unique and is exclusively designed by SLOWFIT. Each client receives an email with the records of each session and can access an exclusive application with all its records and improvements. We know that keeping accurate records of each training allows us to manipulate the variables of intensity, duration and frequency in an appropriate and individualized way. This allows our clients to progress with each training.



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