The SLOW TRAINING method improves your strength and physical condition with only 1 or 2 weekly 30-minute sessions through simple and intense workouts coached by your personal trainer and controlled by an advanced computer software that will stimulate your muscles to the maximum.

The basis of Slow Training began many years ago. In the 70s, Arthur Jones, the father of modern weight training machines, advocated a similar type of training. This type of training has been evolving and adapting to all types of people and physical condition. Many exercise experts and researchers have observed that the performance of slow and controlled repetitions facilitate the  improvement of the muscle stimulus while ensuring minimal stress in our joints.

This is the reason why in the United States some celebrities like the actress Emma Stone or the famous writer and motivational speaker Anthony Robbins have revealed that they use this type of training to get in shape.

Slow Training has integrated all the basics of high intensity strength training together with an advanced software and complete exercise programs in order to offer a unique training system in our country.

The Slow Training method will strengthen your muscles and train your cardiovascular system in 30 minute sessions where the main muscle groups are stimulated, such as the gluteus, pecs, lats, quadriceps..., thanks to the performance of a highly intense single exercise set that will last approximately  2 minutes. The performance of a circuit with 8-10 exercises with almost no rest between sets, not only stimulates most muscle groups of the body, but it activates the cardiovascular system and body metabolism.

Slow Training ensures gains in strength and endurance with the minimum risk of joint impact and damage to our ligaments and tendons.

It is recommended both to gain strength and muscle and to lose weight, since it not only burns calories during exercise, but also during the following hours of training (EPOC effect) due to the metabolic response caused by high intensity exercise

Slow Training combines the advantages of high intensity training, but without the risks of injury. In addition, you will not have to be the most skillful and coordinated athlete in the class to be able to practice it, since the exercises are simple and easy to learn for everyone... and that is an advantage when it comes to stimulating our body efficiently and safely.

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