In Slowfit Zaragoza you will find a PERSONAL TRAINING STUDY with a unique environment and privacy. We have a completely private customized training room to be able to conduct SLOWFIT sessions with an exclusive privacy.
You will perform each of the exercises guided at all times by your Personal Trainer and computer controlled with "MY SLOWFIT" software that allows you to have multiple data control (machine settings, time, rhythm, load, repetitions ...) to be able to have a record of Your progress in strength and fitness.

Our goal is for our clients to improve their muscle tone, their resistance and joint mobility with the minimum risk of injury and without joint impact.

With the SLOWFIT method you will improve your strength and Physical Condition with only 1 or 2 sessions of 30 minutes a week through simple, but really intense exercises that will always be guided and evaluated by your personal trainer and that will maximize your muscles.
We are the most exclusive personal training center in Zaragoza and the leader in SLOWTRAINING. The first city center to use MedX (Medical Exercise) machinery with a computerized system. The philosophy of MedX is to adapt to the biomechanics of each person in the different joints and without any type of mechanical friction, being the most advanced machines in the world in this aspect.
Our facilities and certified personal trainers and specialized in Slow Training will help you strengthen and shape the muscles in brief but very intense sessions, although completely safe thanks to the slow speed of execution, the perfect biomechanics of the machines and the Slow Training Training system which guarantees a great stimulus in the musculature with the least joint impact.
Our center is an exclusive training center, it is NOT a traditional gym or a social relations center, for that purpose there are already many other gyms and clubs. In Slowfit everything is designed so that you can get maximum benefits with the minimum investment of time and minimum risk of injury.
If you have any type of muscle or joint discomfort, pain in the lumbar or cervical area, or want to lose fat weight and improve your general physical condition, mobility and muscular endurance to be in better shape and healthier, the Slowfit method can help. Our priorities are EFFECTIVENESS, EFFICIENCY and SAFETY.
We would like you to try a completely free session and without any commitment to know first hand our facilities and way of working.



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